An affordable, hassle-free solution for businesses on the go!

If you work on the go, bring YALI 2Go with you and accept payments anywhere, anytime.

We often hear complaints about “the other guys” and how much money they take in fees - typically 2.9% + $.30 per transaction! These fees add up quickly and take a bite out of your profit.


YALI doesn’t work that way! We’re committed to helping small businesses get paid, without charging outrageous fees.


Ready to start using YALI2Go? Here's how:


1. Our quick application process will help you obtain a Merchant ID.


2. Once approved, you'll receive a FREE swiper device like this:

It doesn't get any easier than that!


With YALI2Go, simply swipe or enter your customer’s credit or debit card and the funds are deposited directly into your account within X business days.


Unlike those "other guys", our fee structure makes sense for any business on the go and is guaranteed to save you money. Click below to get started today!

Support: (720) 515-2850

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